Count Your Beans Bookkeeping & Taxes
remote bookkeeping and tax services

Let me take away the burden of paperwork, so you focus on what matters!

From personal tax filing to small business bookkeeping, I am a down to earth, honest, dedicated and dependable professional bookkeeper (working from home) ready to work with down to earth, honest, nature loving, responsive, open to learning clients, like yourself!
Are you ready to take the next step and not do everything yourself?
Or do you want to do the bookkeeping yourself and would like someone to check over your books and make sure that everything is claimed, that can be claimed, and entered properly? Or some training to start things off on the right foot?
Or would you like some help filing GST and need some training to do it properly?
I aim to take the pressure and worry off of you around keeping your books accurate (everything done properly) and up-to-date, and preparing and filing your taxes on time, and save you money.

My clients appreciate the more personalized service. I will work with you to ensure that you receive and understand your financial reports, GST and tax predictions, so you know exactly how your business is doing, where you may save some money, and to properly plan for the future of your business.

Have you been avoiding doing your bookkeeping or filing your taxes, or just don't have the time anymore to keep track of all of your expenses? Is tax preparation overwhelming and you just want to make sure it's all done correctly? I can help with that.

I understand, that at the beginning, when creating your business, you want to keep your costs low and make the most out of the income you are bringing in. I've done it myself! It's where my passion comes from when working with small businesses. I know that running a business is a lot of work and I want you to succeed working IN your business, doing the parts that you enjoy about your business. I also enjoy working with those who just want the confidence that they are doing their books properly.

There are also affordable training sessions available to aid business owners in learning and understanding how to do their books properly.

Or perhaps you just want your taxes done by a professional who won't charge you an arm and a leg for it?

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation call today for more information on how I can give you more peace of mind.


An idea of what is offered:

Accuracy * Integrity * Personalized * Affordability * Communication
Full Cycle Small Business Bookkeeping Services...prices are dependent on the size of your business, services you require (payroll, inventory), and frequency of financial reports.
Personal Income Tax Preparation and Filing...starting at $84.00 for single & $126.00 for couples with dependents.
Small Business and Tax Preparation and Filing...starting at $315.00.
Training in Small Business Bookkeeping or Filing GST Returns...starting at $105.00.

**all pricing includes GST

Monthly, Quarterly, annual Bookkeeping

Full Cycle Small Business Bookkeeping Services

  • GST/HST set up, preparation and filing

  • Monthly or quarterly bookkeeping entries/records

  • Accounts Receivable/Payable

  • Monthly, Quarterly, Year End Financial Statements

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Cash-flow analysis

  • Budget development and analysis

  • Quickbooks Online Training

  • Excel Software

  • Bookkeeping set up and assistance

Our prices are based on the number of transactions, bank accounts, payment processing sources, types of software you require-subscription (Excel, Quickbooks, Wave, Xero), types and frequency of reporting, how many employees you have, whether you need payroll to be done, or if you have inventory and need it tracked. You will find that bookkeeping can be affordable!

Personal & Small Business Tax Filing

  • Bookkeeping assistance

  • Tax & GST/HST preparation

  • Tax & GST/HST filing for Sole Proprietors

  • Personal tax filing

  • Personal financial planning

  • Budget development and analysis

  • Tax planning

  • Asset (CCA) tracking

  • Tax returns for deceased persons

  • Estate tax returns

Prior Year(s) Tax Preparation & Filing

Are you behind in filing your taxes whether personal, your business, or both? We can take that pressure off and give you peace of mind.

  • Compliance with the CRA

  • GST/HST set up, preparation and filing

  • Multi-year tax preparation (personal & small business)

  • Deductions & tax credits applied

  • Multi-year tax filing (personal & small business)

  • Late tax returns

Our prices are based on the number of years to prepare and file, whether it's a personal tax return, or as a small business/sole proprietor, the size of the business, if you have a spouse/partner to file along with.

Bookkeeping consulting

Is this your first or second year and you would like to do the books yourself and consult with a professional about what can and cannot be claimed as expenses, and/or want to make sure you are doing your own books properly, so avoid creating red flags with the CRA?

  • Monthly or quarterly review of the books

  • Bank reconciliation, if needed

  • Cash-flow analysis

  • Training in specific software (Excel or Quickbooks)


what it's like working with us

After the last two plus years, I have made the decision to work remotely/from home, and we do not need to be in the same city/town to work together. Working from home allows me to keep my costs down and my prices affordable, and the process is very doable. For out of towners, or anyone interested, there is an easy to use secure e-courier service to share documents back and forth. We can also video call together to have the chance to meet, if meeting in person is challenging or something you prefer. I have even gone to people's homes or met for a coffee/tea, to pick up/drop off/sign documents.
Your company will always be assigned one internal bookkeeper only. At this point, it is me with the intention to grow. I believe in building the trust/relationship one on one to maintain accuracy, privacy, and provide you with the best communication and reliability possible.
After our initial conversation, I will send/give you a detailed list of the paperwork needed, along with extra tips to ensure we have everything possible to maximize your tax write-offs.
When working on your monthly or quarterly books, I will send you advance friendly reminders (text, email, or call) for the bank statements and receipts needed.
I look forward to meeting with you and exploring the possibility of working together!